Product Trials

ST Laserstrike


ST Laserstrike Product Trials

If you or your company are concerned with or have had the unfortunate experience of a laser attack on their aircraft, we would like to extend an invitation to take part in a wearer trial of our latest laser protection eyewear.

All we ask in return is that after the trial period you supply us with wearer feedback for our case studies.

If you would like to take part in this wearing trial, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

There are two options available. One is the Aviator style more suited to fixed wing aircraft, and the second choice, the Randolph designed to fit under a visor which suits helicopter pilots.

ST Laserstrike Aviator Series

A classic aviator, this style is an absolute must. In true ST Laserstrike fashion, we have given this model a subtle yet modern update, this time via the temples, which are a new streamlined, sculptural style. In keeping with its pilot legacy, this model is glazed with high quality laser attenuating filter lens technology.

This model is a classic, with a pop of color through its dark blue tips. Finished with a great quality flex hinge and ST Laserstrike branding.

ST Laserstrike Randolph Series

ST Laserstrike Randolph Series

Designed for Pilots to fit under helmet visors, the ST-Randolph frames surpass rigid mil-spec standards. The battle tested aviator frame is relevant to the most rigorous and demanding uses.

  • Wrap around design
  • Fits inside aviator helmet visor
  • Prescription available with outserts