Hazards and Threats

ST Laserstrike


Unseen infrared hazard

Nearly all laser pointer pens available to the public manipulate a readily available infrared diode to produce different colour beams such as blue and green. These laser pens are required to integrate infrared filters as a safety measure. ST Laserstrike has tested numerous laser pointers purchased through retail sources. All products tested did not have an infrared filter. Since the infrared spectrum is not visible to the human eye, aircrews are being hit by infrared beams whenever they experience attacks by blue or green lasers. If aircrews are utilising inadequate laser protection, the hazard is greater than if no protection was being worn.

Green laser pens

Green LASER sources are the most dangerous laser for visual impairment.
532nm is close to the most sensitive photopic region of the eye.


Key visible laser threat

  • 405nm 250mW-2W readily available from China developed from blue ray systems
  • 445nm >1W models available at very low cost = big risk
  • 532nm >2W High powered & low cost/wavelength in most sensitive area of eye response
  • 808-1064nm Emission from standard low cost hand-held IR pumped green laser pens